Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects has completed interior renovations to the carriage house on the grounds of the historic Warehime Myers Mansion, a historical museum in the heart of Hanover, PA.

The Hanover Area Historical Society contracted with Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects to restore the carriage house for its eventual use as an additional museum space, showcasing the means of transportation and its storage from the era the structure was originally used. The project also includes the addition of an ADA-compliant restroom to the facility for public use during summer events on the museum’s lawn, as well as the rehabilitation and restoration of interior historic finishes and features, new lighting, and HVAC systems.

Murphy & Dittenhafer was faced with the challenge of making the space accessible without compromising the building’s historic integrity. The three carriage bays were separated by a 4.5” step, and there were steps leading to the public entrance to the restrooms. The carriage house is now completely accessible thanks to small ramps and platforms.

The design is sensitive to the history of the building, which was built over a period of three years beginning in 1911; new elements are thoughtfully integrated with the existing elements. The carriage house has been restored to its original condition, but the patina of some elements was incorporated into the final design to showcase the effect of time on the materials.

Construction on this 2,300 square foot, $130,000 project began in May 2015 and was completed at the end of August 2015.